Security Services

About Us

We provide unmatched service and security solutions by creating and cultivating partnerships with our security professionals and clients. S&L Security has incorporated an innovative mix of tradition with cutting edge systems and technology to ensure the safety and integrity of the sites.
Our team is highly qualified and trained in meeting our client requests. We view our administration as a valuable asset to our company and we know that a quality security professional is the key to exceptional service. Our management team works to ensure that our field operations provides a safe, responsive and secure environment for our clients.
We do our best to provide great service at a reasonably priced cost. Our executive and managerial staff is an ensemble of professionals with individual backgrounds in law enforcement, security management and public relations.

24/7 Dispatch Operation
S&L Security office of dispatch center is a 24 hour a day operation with supervising staff who are available 7 days a week monitoring incidents, processing calls, dispatching guards, as the need arises to various incidents around the city.

We tailor our services to meet clients specific needs, which helps reduce clients costs while also minimizing the risk of crime at your business site.

Servicing the Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, Inland Empire and the San Fernando Valley.


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