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Jorge Cueva's life story could easily be the plot for a movie. At just the age of 18, Jorge, better known as Mr. Tempo, came to the U.S. from Mexico. Not knowing any English, he was only able to find a job, dishwashing for a local restaurant. That was some 20 plus years ago, now Jorge Cueva heads a diverse restaurant company that plans to have 9 locations by the end of 2020.

Jorge Cueva's humble beginnings in the restaurant industry took place in Washington as a dishwasher at the restaurant, Montezuma's. From there, Jorge slowly moved his way up ranks to a manager position. After working for over 7 years, he saved up enough money to go to college and obtained a degree in hotel-restaurant management. With his schooling and previous work experience, he opened his very own restaurant in 1997.

Jorge's 28 years in the restaurant industry have started to pay off. He now owns five different establishments. Unlike a traditional restaurant, Jorge's restaurants have a wide variety of dishes ranging from seafood, sushi, tacos, steak, salads, all the way to burritos. His restaurants are known for their top-tier customer service and food. In fact, some customers wait for over 2-3 hours before even sitting down at a table. His two biggest current establishments are King & Queen Cantina and Tempo Cantina which are both located in California.

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