Your Road to Solopreneurial Success: A 3 Day To-Do List

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Are you hoping to start a solopreneurial venture of your very own, but you aren’t sure where to begin? You might be surprised to learn it’s quicker and easier than it seems, especially if you don’t go it alone. In fact, you can form, run and grow your business in just three days if you have the right assistance. 


ZenBusiness has helped over 100,000 businesses get off the ground already. Let them put their expertise to work for you, beginning with the following tips:


Day One: Practicalities and Processes


It’s easy to think that just because you’re starting small, you can skip some of the steps big corporations take for development. However, every successful business should cover a handful of practical measures to establish sound footing, even solopreneurs. 


On your first day, put these items on your to-do list:

  • Name your business; pick a name that is unique, but not so unique your customers don’t know what you do.

  • Register your business in California; many solopreneurs like an LLC for the asset protection, tax perks and scalability it provides, but it isn’t your only option. 

  • Create a business budget; weighing your projected income and expenses will help ensure you don’t get into financial trouble.

  • Formalize your business plan; it’ll help you define your vision and how you’ll make it your reality. 


Day Two: Find Your First Customer


You’re officially a business owner now, but you need customers to generate income. Finding, engaging and winning customer number one can be a challenge, but these strategies help ensure that on day two, you’ll snag your first sale. 


These items belong on your day two to-do list:

  • Determine your target audience; this answers the whos, whats, whys and wheres about your customers. 

  • Establish an online presence; this should include things like registering your domain, web hosting and a theme that reflects your brand.

  • Reach out to your network; now isn’t the time to be shy — your family, friends, former colleagues, and other associates are prime candidates for your first sale. 


Day Three: Get Growing!


Today is the day you establish your strategies for growth. Begin by focusing on that first customer and what that experience can bring to your business. Let it shape how you move forward.


For your third day, plug these items into your to-do list:

  • Develop customer service strategies; this should include things like learning how to respond to customer inquiries, putting useful tools to work and personalizing the customer experience. 

  • Glean feedback from customers; the input they provide can help guide your decision making, it ensures they know you value them, and it encourages them to come back for more. 

  • Gather testimonials; testimonials take feedback to the next level, enhancing your credibility and encouraging trust. Consider getting both written and video testimonials to share on your website, social media channels, and so forth. 

  • Employ analytics; put the data you collect from your website into actions, like responding to shifting customer preferences and improving your processes.


Solopreneurs are amazing in their dedication and drive, but they shouldn’t fly completely solo. ZenBusiness can help you from day one and throughout your journey. Connect for services like registering your business, creating your website, assistance with taxes and much more. Put their expertise to work for you. Visit or contact us through our member directory page, and begin your trek to solopreneurial success!