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Matrix Oil Corporation (?MATRIX?) is a private independent oil and natural gas production company based in Santa Barbara, CA. Since 1999 MATRIX has strived to invest in or purchase interests in properties that have long-term and low-risk production. MATRIX acquired its first interest in the Los Angeles Basin in 1999 in the Las Cienegas Field. The company owns oil and natural gas production leases in the Los Angeles and San Joaquin Basins of California and also owns natural-gas producing properties in the Sacramento Basin of California. MATRIX owns oil-producing royalty and non-operated properties in West Texas and North Dakota. In these focus areas MATRIX has lease and fee ownership of 15 producing fields in approximately 28,000 acres that hold in excess of 200 MATRIX-interest wells that generate more than $5 Million in annual revenue per year to Matrix. The primary investment focus has been to purchase California and Texas onshore production assets. We target shallow to medium-depth production that has lower operating costs and better profitability over a wide range of oil prices. MATRIX properties are characterized by stable, long-lived production and reserve life indexes averaging greater than 12 years. MATRIX targets to develop potential projects in areas with projected reserve lives in excess of 25 years which includes the Whittier Main Oil Project on City-owned land. MATRIX personnel have an average of 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry and are committed to creating and maintaining clean, safe and non-intrusive operations to maximize natural resources.

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